Welcome to

Welcome to Landen Studios, located in sunny Warren, Ohio

"Wow, I can't believe that this studio is in your home."

This is the most common remark from artists and musicians that have worked in Landen Studios.
Landen Studios, named in honor of my grandson, has succeeded in providing a comfortable, warm atmosphere where artists can create and collaborate on their original musical ideas.

The Technology Matters
We work in Mac with ProTools 9 and Windows 7 Pro X64 with Sonar X3 Producer. Our audio engine is RME Fireface 800 and our primary mic is the wonderful Mojave MA-200 processed through a Focusrite Voice Master Pro. I say 'wonderful' because the Mojave MA-200 hears everything and the Voice Master Pro makes it sound great. We also prefer to make every vocal perfect, so we utilize Melodyne Studio. We have our Mac and Windows systems connected at the waist so we can cross platform sounds and samples on the fly.

Better than Live
Our sounds are produced by virtual instruments played via multiple midi controllers such a Kurzweil PC2 (my favorite keyboard) and our Roland TD-30. Our favorite instrument libraries are: Native Instruments Komplete 6, Reason, Plugsound Pro, Gary Garriton Jazz & Big band, Battery 3 percussion, Miroslav Philharmonic, Music Lab's Real Guitar and Real Strat, and an array of Kurzweil samples. Sonar X3 Producer also provides thousands of the world's best samples and plugins.

By the way, Protools 9 does have the absolute best Hammond B3 instrument, although Native Instruments is also exceptional.

Percussion is Critical
The Roland TD-30 is the best drum module in the world. In addition to recording it's own audio sounds live, it is connected via midi to our server which provides access to every sample imaginable for the most discerning percussionist.

What We Like To Do
There are no limits to our capabilities, thanks to an array of musicians I have worked with throughout my life. However, we do specialize in certain types of projects versus recoding live bands.
Our favorite projects are:

  • Backing tracks for live bands (most bands use backing tracks, even though you can't see their PC)
  • Sound tracks for short films and info-mercials (my favorite)
  • Re-designing original music, giving you ideas that you might not otherwise consider
  • Voice overs for any project, including 'on location' recording
  • Jingles for web, radio and TV
  • Mastering your music - Mastering is like making 'sauce'. I think you will like my sauce.

Everything we do is quoted on a project basis. Our pricing is usually less than most because we can play just about anything without the need for costly sessions with musicians and vocalists trying to 'get it right'. We will do our best to provide a "not more than" cost estimate with a timeline for completion of your project.

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